Frequently Asked Questions

How does Leaf Exterminator© prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter?

Leaf Exterminator© is a fully enclosed gutter protection that fits new or existing gutters. The unique, Micro-Pore filtration is designed to prevent leaves, seeds, pine needles, and all other debris from entering your gutters. The only thing that can pass through the system is rainwater.

Will a very heavy rain overflow Leaf Exterminator©?

No. When properly installed, Leaf Exterminator© can handle downpours that far exceed the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in one hour in America (12 inches).

Can squirrels or birds enter and build nests?

No. Leaf Exterminator© is made from aluminum, not vinyl. Therefore, squirrels and birds cannot chew or peck through a section of Leaf Exterminator©. The cover fully encloses your entire gutter system leaving no holes or gaps for wildlife to enter through.

Does Leaf Exterminator come with a warranty?

Yes. Leaf Exterminator© comes with a 25-Year Warranty on both the material and the performance (Link to Warranty Page). The product is guaranteed not to chip, crack, fade, or rust and your gutters and downspouts will remain free flowing.

Are more expensive products better than Leaf Exterminator©?

No. Competing products are more expensive because increased installation time greatly adds to the cost or require your existing gutters to be replaced. You will not find a higher quality gutter protection product at a more affordable price.

Is Leaf Exterminator© maintenance free?

No. All products placed on the exterior of a home require maintenance. Please refer to our Warranty for the required maintenance for Leaf Exterminator©.